Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back Home in Keylong :-) - A Day by day trip log to Leh and Back

ts been 2 years now and I still have not written about "Back Home in
No point in doing a full fledged write up right now but I had borrowed a
small notebook from Katz during the trip and I had jotted down day to day
incidents and accidents on it. Here's how it goes :-)

Trip Log...

Day One - When we landed in Delhi

Delhi Odo - 5785 on 7th July

Day two - when the trip actually started
Start odo - 5785, End Odo - 6256. Trip - 469 kms, Place - Kufri (45 kms
before Shimla)
Ajith's bike - Valve problem. Were detained at Kufri and unable to go on
Tiger had a puncture
I was lost on the way to Kufri and had to cut across Chandigarh on the way
to Kufri.
The Ghat sections start and its loads of fun

Day Three ( Kufri to Bunther )

Start - 6256, End - 6484
Went via Jalori Pass. Awesome wonlee. Major rains btwn Narkhanda and Lhori.
Ajith's bike had some carb issues and was fixed.
Naren and Bala were feverish
Bala's bike conked on top of jalori pass. Plug issues and was solved.
Night ride from Jalori to Aut was fluckin scary.

Day Four - Rest

Bala had 102 Deg fever
Katz, Naren, Gunfight, Doss, Bala and I stay back at Bunther to enjaai
Flight view resort was the place of stay
Took a bath, shaved after 4 days :P~

Day Five - (Bunther to Keylong)

Start - 6484, End - 6677
Rohtang Pass was a sight to see
Naren's bike fork broke on the way to Keylong
Unable to fix due to unavailability of spare fork leg :-(
Stay at Valley View Resort at Keylong

Day Six - Rest

Naren's bike for repaired
Keylong was cold - 3068 m ASL

Day Seven (Keylong to Sarchu)
End Odo - 6843
Bala had a major fall at Grampu. Back brake cam broke and Bala escaped
Sarchu clocked minus 4 deg in the evening. Super cold it was.
The Morey plains were a sight to see :)
Bala had a bad fever.
Celebrated Naren's bday with a bottle of Glen Mornagie
Met Shaik, Gagan and Gaurav from Delhi who were on an impromptu trip to Leh
on an Avenger and Karizma.

Day Eight (Sarchu - Leh)

Admitted Bala at the Military hospital at Sarchu. The Outpost head was Mr
Selvam from Theni in South India.
Climbed Naakeerla, Lachlungla and Tanglangla. View was amazing.
I am on Bala's 500 and Gaurav is riding my A350
Got stranded in the moddle with no petrol
Reached Leh at 8 PM and checked into Hotel Padmaling
Bala arrives at 10.20 PM

Day Nine - Rest

Few of the boys start to Pangong-tso and return half way because of heavy
Captain Katari lands in Leh
Bala gets admitted in Leh Military hospital. Diagnosed with severe HAPE
(High Altitude Pulmonary Edema)
Bonfire dinner was awesome

Day Ten (Leh - Kardung La - Leh)

Awesome day of everyone's life. Standing tall at the worlds highest motor
able road was truely goosebumpy
Bala was far better today
Tshirts made today
Lunch at Zengarden and Dinner at the same place again.

Day 11 - Resting still

Captain takes my bike to Shey palce.
Me and Naren go and pack off Bala's bike to Delhi
The riding starts again tomo

Day 12 (Leh - Kargil)
Start - 7320 End - 7559

Awesome trip to Kargil via Lamayuru.
Saw the Magnetic hill and tried out a few stunts
Reached Kargil late in the night.
Stay at Greenland Park.
Kargil was seriously a hostile looking town
Facal dinner and bad sleep
I had a cyst on my right hand which was paining like crazy. Naren tried
operating it with a sterilized needle but failed.

Day 13 (Kargil - Srinagar)

Climbed Zojila to enter Kashmir Valley.
The view at Sonmarg was awesome
The finger pain because of the cyst became bad. Rode most of the way w/o
Reached Srinagar at 6.20 pm
Checked into Selec Town - House boat on Dal Lake.
Doss had a small accident. All fine.

Day 14 - Rest

Went to a local doc to remove the cyst. Painful procedure but fluck WHAT A
Went on a tour around Dal Lake on a Shikara
Went to Hazrathbal shrine - Never seen such a beautiful mosque.
Bought a Silk on Wool carpet for home.
Ate at Hotel De-Linz for the afternoon
Two bomb blasts at Srinagar
Kashmiri pulao at night was yumm.

Day 16 (Srinagar to Madhopur)
End Odo - 8181

Beautiful roads. Saw Patni Top
Heavy rains after Udampur.
Katz, Me and Naren decided to ride straight to Delhi throughout the night
but were held back at Madhopur for the night.

Day 17 (Madhopur to Delhi)

Awesome roads
Flat Tyre at Panipet just after dinner
Ripped on these roads all the way. The GT Karnal is super deluxe
Gear Down odo - 8729
Patted the bike and said thanks to it for taking me on this trip :-)
Total Kms - 2944 kms

Day 18 - Rest

Lazed around at Suresh's
Packed off the bikes to chennai
Full kattu at Andhra Meals Hotel
Tamilnadu Express at 10.35 PM
No cash left on me and katz. TOTAL DRY


Whole day in train
Full Fun
Lotsa Cheap thrills
Met Dr Manoj - A Dental doc from Chennai - Anna Nagar


Reached Chennai at 8 AM
The receiving party was there with Garlands to welcome us.
Thanks to Topic, Raj, Left and Subha for coming to receive us :-)

This was a memorable trip. Should do it again sometime :-)


Monday, May 04, 2009

MBMC 7A - Of Car Trips, Laughter Therapy, Alcohol Overflow and Nilgiri Niggers.

Kodaikanal, Well the name sounds really good in every chennaite's heart during the scorching months of Summer. This blaady star called the sun decides to smile throughout summer causing total death to the Chennai peeps during April, May and June and fluckin May is the month when the MBMC LKB's decide to keep aniv parties. This means riding under the blazing sun for hours togather and passing out to couple of beers at the end of it.

I am going to tell you a story where the Natharis drove to the aniv party. I am gonna tell you a story where the entire gang went mad with laughter that our effin skulls and temples started aching like crazy.Venkhan and Me were the wounded soldiers and the plan was to get on the car and drive to Kodai and party hard and get back. As the aniv pardy drew close, peeps started jumpiing from the "I bike" to "Lets Car" gang. Well cant blame as each peep had an exjoose which was close to genuine :P~.

Thursday Morning - Super dooper ejjitement at work as evening was the start to Kodai. Quickly rounded up and finished up my work at oppice and shot home. Quickly packed and headed go Jeep's place to find fellow Natharis. 3 black cars. 10 NAtharis... Well this is never good news to the peeps on the road :P~. Started at 6.45 to pick up Venkhan and Kama. Popped in the S.Ve Sekar CD and started listening to some kaamedy. Kiran kept the car at a steady 100 and we rolled on and on to reach Ulundurpet for dinner. At this point Katz walks into the hotel and yells " Anney ory 10 Muttai dosai and oru 10 sadha dosai and oru 5 half boil and 7 omlet". We were all like "Shepaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Trust me, all these disappeared in like 10 mins and we washed down dinner with some yumm chai. Next stop was Samayapuram for a regroup and then we took off to pass Trichy and regrouped again at Dindugal at 5ish in the morning. Have couple of chais and headed past Vathlaguundu to reach the foot hills of Kodai. A quick chai later the entire 3 car gang climbed the 52 km long ghat section to reach Hotel CS at Kodai. We were welcomed by Bala, Firang, DJ and Sim and the galatta started almost immly with Ajith taking over the reception desk and shouting orders to everyone. I inspected the mujik system and ok'd it for the night pardy. I had not slept the entire night and so badly wanted to sleep. Tried taking a cat nap and that fackin didnt work so stayed awake even after an awesome lunch. Evening came and the MBMC and RTMC fluckers started coming in. They were promptly registered and alloted rooms. I quickly showered and setup the DJ table and around 6 pm started the moosik. Alcohol flowed like the Nile and there was the smell of Dhumm everywhere. A bon-fire was lit and the dancing started. Koothu numbers were the preffered music and the MBMC fellas jumped in and made merry. The music endded at 11 and we retired to 201 to talk and smoke. Ajith suddenly comes in all lost and stumbles about, has a panic attack and is whisked away to the hospital by Bala and Kiran. Thats whole another story to tell so ask me when you see me :P~.

Saturday Morning - Woke up to bikes being revved. It was a lazy fluckin day. Lazed at the resort the whole day. There were biker games which were conducted in the evening. Music started at 8 with me taking the DJ console. Fluckin non stop dancing wonlee after that. Sreejit cut the MBMC Aniv cake. Dodo was given bumps. Bra's face looked like it had been through an interracial facial BWHAHAHAHAHA :P~. The night ended with "Stairway to Heaven" dedicated to Dom. After this the usual Nathari session started and OH FACKIN GOD, I havent laughed this much in YEARS. This was the highlight of the day.

Sunday - Woke up half asleep. Jumped into the CAR and ZZZZzzzZZZ. I was at Trichy was breakfast and ZzzzZZZ. I was at Ulundurpet for early lunch and more ZzzZZZ I was home.

All in all a fab ride with fab friend and fab cars. Loved every bit of it.

Lessons learnt...

There is an Opel Nissan according to Kama

Kama has a huge gaandu on Katz, Ravi and Ajith

Never walk barefoot at Kodai unless u want ur jewels to freeze

Get loads of kuthu music if ya wanna play to chennai madcaps

According to DJ.. Mohammd Sathak did a bothak.

Nirmal is a bad fluckin singer when it comes to singing Led Zep songs.

Jerry seriously looks ghastly which his black undies on :P~

Nirmal is dangerous. He flashed me and DJ couple of time resulting in brain and eye injury.

That u never need to worry about spell mistakes when you do a writeup. I can always ask the readers to fackaff if they point em out.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Srini - Actor, Male Model, Grizzly Bear of the group. Superb dancer when he is on the floor and a shameless flirt when off it. The glue which holds everyone :-)

Arvind - Muscle Man, IBM Pillar, Stud Bugger. Arvind is the wise man undercover. Knows how to pass smart alec comments on all social networking sites. Drives a Scorpio and is always calm and cool.

Anupam - Arnold Arumugam of the group. We call him Pom Pom, Bam Pam and whatever comes to our filthy tongue. Super delux dancer when he gets on floor. Always smiling and always the end of some silly joke.

Vikram - Skinny Ass, Kakinanda Don, MJ Incorporated. This dude looks like the ciggy that he smokes. Is one of the reason that we all learnt to dance :-). Is like a bull in a china shop when he is down 1 beer. 2 beers will knock him out so mind it.

Arwa - If dance then Arwa ENDIF. Is Style/Drama queen. Can kick some serious butt when it comes to the floor. Has taught me loads of levels in my time at AMD. Natural Poser to anything that has a flash.

Vaishali - Dad drives a Merc PERIOD :P~. Lord of the spins. Loads of positive attitude and is wonderful when on floor. Transforms into a local galeej party when talking to me. Uses cuss words that loads of us refuse to use :P~

Srihari - Blaady reflector with his head and all :P~. Namba cheta is super delux at dancing and also with the ladies. Can look at anything thats lady like :P~. Aparna if you are reading this then PLEASE DONT.

Bhavna - Mood Swinger every 20 secs. A Natural dancer and can put loads of advanced salsa dancers to shame with her ability to follow the lead. Total local party. Rejected of the 3 sisters. Can vetti madichify and jump into fights anytime she wants. She is more like a HE.

Kalyani - Seriously DRAMA QUEEN. Well she works with Evam so that makes it real. Has got locks to die for. A Natural poser and fluckin MOVES on the floor. I have sometime been blown away by her spinning.

Prasanthi - Somalia Ladies, Purple Factory, Dysfucntional Kid. Is total mental case.. well atleast that was the thing that made her a friend :P~. Dances very well. Voice thaan slight aa damage :P~

Anitha - The Jillu of the group. Is super patient, Is super well kept. Has a superb voice but orey shy comes to her when I ask her to sing.

Maya Roy - Fashion Designer, Mental Case, Love the Nose Ring ;-). Has a husky voice that reminds me of Rani Mukherjee (OH MAMA). Is quiet good on floor. Pinches a lot and sure has a super wide smile to lighten up moods :-)

Sishira - The Managing Director of Facebook. Total Nutcase and is the only person in this whole wide fluckin world that lover her hubby so much. Total mokkai all the time and there is not even a single pic that she is not there. Has learnt the art of leaning 30 degrees to the horizontal and posing like a perfect model. Has won beauty contests and all(am not kidding here)

Nimesh - Fortunately or Unfortunately the husband of Sishira. Cool dude and loves getting pampered by his reddy wifey. Runs a business and loves to pardy hard.

Subash - Pro Dancer fellow. Been with me from the start at AMD. IIT fellow so this dude has the brains and the dance moves. Disappears for like a million years at a stretch and appears back to perfectly pick up the moves and dance again. Is a treat to watch on the floor.

Arun Christie - Mad Cap. Noone other than him can pull off a Yellow colour shirt in the crowd. Is pulling others legs all the time and also gets ass kicked for doing so every single time.

Divya Chandramoulie - Another Drama Queen/King/Knight/Watever.
This one is my longest known specimen among the crowd. Talks super engliss and pucca iyer aathu tamil. Looks and speech decieve ppl so kindly beware of this dudette because she can jump down to local royapuram type tamil and throw you off guard. Have been head driver for her for a long friggin time now. 4.5 Please come fast and save me from all this.

Hari Krishnan - Mikal Juckson imitator. Does amazing hip hop and its fun to watch him stand on his hands and head. Total Local candidate and is a part of the "OH REALLYYYYY" group

Sindhu - Wifey of the Mikan Juckson. President of "OH REALLYYYY" club. Is super fun to be with. One person who can trip on me and get away with it. GRRRRR

Edel - This one is a 100% Screamer. U jus need to go behind her and Say HI and she will effin scream the entire place down. Has got the high pitch of Ozzy Ozbourne. Full ishtyle dancer. Is nice and comfy on the floor. Was a doctor once and now god knows what she does. Known for parking a Maruti 800 in the middle of road and running off (BWHAHAHA i know thats not the truth)

Arun Srinivasan - Recent addition to the group. Lives, Talks, Sleeps and Runs Salsa. Is amazing to watch on the floor. Awesome lead (Well I know because i have danced with him). Teaches latin dance forms and is really a patient and soft spoken dude.

More to come :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Farewell Mike

Easter comes and what happens?? All the goody shoe buggers turn mad. They all start partying again. They binge on the OH intake. They feed on the meat like a hungry lion feeds on a helpless sambhar. Easter is the end of the lent period and begin of madness :-)

Sunday was Easter and I stayed put at home to take Mom and Dad out for lunch. Both the three of us took off to Anjappar and killed a few crabs and prawns and fish and chicken. After being more than full, I came back home and rested a bit. A nice mint head massage and head bath later, I took off to Havana for the non-ishtaap partying. It was DJ Mike's last day at the console and he wanted all of us to be there when he belted out his last tunes. There was Salsa, there was Jive and then there was Bachata too. Mike moved on to funky hip hop tunes and the boys set the floor on fire. A coffee break at Cafe Karma and we returned to Havana to groove to some hindi numbers and some rock and roll. It was Salman's bday too and
there was a yumm cake which was cut too. The peeps kept on dancing from the time Mikey started his music for the evening. We decided to call it quits at 10 and facked off home after dinner.

Farewell Mike. Will miss your sounds at Havana. There is a fan following so we will be there wherever ya play :-)


Friday, April 10, 2009

Dhomo, Arigato and Maastarr teech me Koong Foo :-)

Sushi... "Yaru saar andha figure" will be the first words out of a machi's mouth but people who know about this place called Japan and its food will immly recognize it as a type of food. Sushi is nothing but raw sea-food eaten with a variety of sauces and a pungent smelling, green colored and really flucking hot chutney like thing called wasabi. I have never eaten at an authentic jap restaurant in chennai so when I heard that there are a couple of em here, I jumped with joy.

Me and Arvind saar decided about 4 days back that we will head to Dahlia in Nungambakkam and kill the Sushi and Sashimi there. Read aboot the place on Google and came to know that its a costly place to diner but still the Sushi lured us to attack the place on Thursday. The plan was to hit dahlia and then head to 10D for some croaking at the karaoke night.

Self and Arvind reached Dahlia at 8.30 and sat down looking at the menu not understanding any fluck of wat the dishes were and how they tasted. The lady who was there helped us in choosing the dishes. I asked for a Chicken in butter sauce with rice and soup along with it and Arvind ordered for the Dahlia Maki sushi. Well the highlight was the Sake. It was priced at 500 per portion and each portion fueled 6 shooters. By the end of the first, me and arvidn were buzzing a bit and then came one more portion which actually took us to Uranus and back :P~. The chicken was lovely and cooked very well. I took a piece of sushi from Arvind's plate and enjoyed it thoroughly too. Raw fish ROCKSSSSSSS :-)

All in all a good experience but YES there was a hole in the pocket. With the Sake the bill per head came to 900 Rs :P~

Headed to Barista after that to catch up with Srini and Pom Pom and after some vetti talk later, I head off to 10D to catch up with Condom, Dodo and Mak. Couple of numbers later, we decide to call it quits and I head back to 10D and again the round of coffees start and we leave that place 15 mins to One.

To sum up... Dahila is a lovely place and I will sure visit it again. Its costly so regular visits are out of the window. The Sake is cheap and is awesome. The food is yumm and YES u need to eat with chopsticks :P~. Wasabi is nice and will be a nice taster to old monk rum :P~


PS: I typed on notepad and it did not have spell checks hence gracefully facaf.

Friday, February 27, 2009

HIT and RUN :-)

The roads of chennai were damn good man like kazillion years back in terms of traffic and moronic drivers/riders. People rode sanely back then. Now the whole life thing has picked up pace and everyone is rushing somwehere. Lawadaa i have no clue why everyone has to have ants in their pants every time they get on a bike. BAH

This happened last saturday when I was on my way to watch Valkyrie at Satyam. Jumped on the bike on saturday evening and was heading towards the movie place and couple of kms from my place there was a speeding mobike mofo lawdekabaal who cut across on the wrong side way out of the yellow line and jammed right into my right leg. Lost control of the bike for a sec and regained it back and stopped it on the side of the road, put off the bike on side stand and just sat down on the pavement out of horrible pain in the shin and ankle. It was so fluckin painful for the next 30 odd secs till the adrenaline kicked in taking the pain off. The Auto drivers nearby said "Saar andha bike kaaran adichitu odi poitaan saar".. Meaning he hit you and ran and didnt even stop. So this is how HIT and RUN feels like. I have seen these in movies but now flucking I was bang on in the middle of one :P~

Slowly limped back on the bike, started it and headed to the hospital. The doc takes a look at it and says that nothing is broken (PHEW) and that there is muscle damage on the claf and ankle area (OH FACK). Puts me on pain killers and shoos me off home. So I slowly ride and come back home and limp into my house and what happens??.. MOM FREAKS OUT and yells " YENNA DA AACHU". I slowly explained things to her and she threatens me to sell off the bikes and get a CAR. I am like WTF :P~

3 days on Bed rest later I slowly get out of the house. My back is stiff. I am still limping, The ankle and calf are sore like crazy but the sight of Scarab takes all those off my mind. I jump on the bike and happily head to office. Accidents do happen..Remember there are loads of morons on the road who make ur life miserable and YES the CAR is always the safer option to commute but FACK IT. We all live on the edge to get on the safe commute option :-)


I am hit and run for god sake.. dont mind the spells :P~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok its been shite loads of time since I posted crap in here so here goes :P~. What you are gonna read below is a useless timepass plan to ride to Saudi Arabia cooked up by Ravi and then words an d stuff added by me, gunfight, bob and a few otheres.
DJ is planning to ride to Doha (in Qatar) to see his parents. Here isthe route map.
Since he is going all the way there, I am also planning to go with himso I will continue into Saudi to see my parents.
I was thinking we should all ride down there. It ll be fun.Accommodation is already arranged the rest of you, ConDom (akaDominic) has said that you guys can stay over at his place in Riyadh.
So let's party (yeah, in Saudi of all places, where things get cut off for doing something wrong).
The total fuel expensive, one way, will be about Rs 15000, at the max.This is worst case scenario considering your bike gives 20kmpl for6000kms. You can calculate accordingly now.Add another Rs 2000 for consumable oils (two strokers, brush up your maths and calculate for 2t oil). No sharing business, carry your ownoil.
The bright side is that the fuel will get cheaper as we head East, asrecently the king of Saudi has decided to slash fuel prices by 30% andeffectively brought the prices down to mind-numbing Rs 6.40/litre (ikid you not).
The route plan has not been decided yet, but we will not be touchingAfghanistan. So don't make any plans of riding through the NorthwestFrontier in Pakistan.
Apart from the above expenses, factor in about Rs.1000/day for foodand stay, which will most of the time be some gypsy's house eatinggoat testicles.
About 50k will see you through the trip, but carry another 20k ascontingency money, as not all medical centres in those parts of theworld (read butcher shops) might accept Visa and Mastercard.
Its a good three week long trip, and we ve allowed plenty of time forsight seeing and photography.
This trip will give you the opportunity to meet lots of gun-totting,trigger happy militants. So carry lots of souvenirs and space in yourmemory cards.
Please dont carry too much luggage. Travel as light as possible as weanyway expect to get mugged somewhere between the Pakistan and Iranborder.
To avoid hassles of applying for a visa in another country, we mightwant to take a ship from Bandar-e-Abbas to the nearest convinientpoint in the UAE.
Ok, i m bored of compiling information and planning the trip.But I ve done so much hardword till now, I might as well show it to somebody. :Dget back to work now, we will plan the trip at the next beach meeting.We can ride to Saudi!
Trooper :-)
i better be quick then!!...need to get a goldie no!!.....abba!! i want to buy cramsters too... also please decide if we will be riding staggered formation all the way? yes!! c'mon yaar..lets ride to Saudi. -bladdyfool PS: when will we be getting back. I have to go tile shopping for my new house with my mom.
We can ride to SAUDI, Yes we all can ride to SAUDI :)
Please to be forming the list and let me know well in advance.. i shall make ARRANGEMENTS for all of you'll :) Anyways all i can say is if "weeekend ride to pune" is possible then "We all can ride to SAUDI" So Caman de Enjaiment wonlee, Peace,ConDom :)
No NewbiesAll riders should have attended atleast 5 Madbull meetings/ if not part of madbulls at least sponsor for 5 days the smokes (raj macha, you can take a break da :) ) and the poison at cosies.
done at least 3 overnight rides woith madbulls/ if not part of madbulls, should be able to take a bullet up the stairs like gunfight at horsley after downing 1 full (test conducted under controlled environments, so dringking and driving is allowed :) ) and should also have seized one engine or made a silencer fall off - preferably a goldie or smashed/torn a sprocket apart - like bharath saar :)
should be able to withstand 1 nathari sangam get together at mahabs.. and be able to ride back home without any help :)
Oh Saudi eh ??
What are the dates wonlee ?? Lets not plan this around christmas asCondom will be in India and we will be screwed if we land up in Riyadhwith no accos.
Ajith - Machi we can take a spare engine along da. No probs
No am not taking the Thunderbird. Hopefully that 220 comes and I dothis trip on that. Or else there is the J350, wonlee that Ill have toorder for 3 more engines and some 30 liters of Oil - Completelydoable.
I suggest we take the Trans Afgan highway wonlee. I really want toride through that place.
No awesome looking babe for date and all da Raj macha. Chumma sittingat office wonlee doing nothing. All said and done I agree that aThunderbird wont beat an AVL 500 but any thunderbird can beat Ajith's500. The weight factor is there wonlee.
Goat Testicles - Wow sounds YUMM.
Ok so we hit riyadh and condom happens and then ride to saudi wheregulti meets parents and then ride to DJs place to be ass kicked by hisparents and then I have couple of candidates who work for AllfoneSystems in Uganda. I say we go meet em too. Couple of days morewonlee. On the same lines lets hit Sierra Leone too and see what thefuck is the big deal in living there.
I have always wanted to see Egypt and those pointy stuff that theyhave there. We will see em all.. Daddies , Mummies everything.
Cutting off private parts at Riyadh will be a huge problem for Bobbyif he is coming cause his is already small ( NO I HAVE NOT SEE IT,RAVI SAW IT ONCE AND PASSE DON THE INFO )
So Weekend Ride to Saudi. CAMAN FACKIN WONLEE
Dai! Afgan, Uganda, Egypt...we might as well ride to Morocco. Cant go too far da....Aditya needs to get back home to run his errands again (we might as well feed him to the lions there itself). And I dont know anything about Bobby's "parts". We all cant do 160 @ 3/4th throttle. cheers
While we are on the topic
We can use bobby both as an offence and defence machine :-)))
Defence --- Use bobby as a light emimiting apparatus cause his shinyhairless head reflects huge candela of light, Can be used as bait toofor those hostile afgan snipers. If bobs brings his wifey along thenshe can bite hostile soldiers too :P~
Offence - While corssing borders we can use bobby as a reflectorshield to blind enemy snipers and its obvious that their dogs will bescarred for life after seeing the terminator. So no four legged attachat all.
Will have to agree with ajith on the bike part too.
We will have to use black as the camo colour. Well i neednt use paintcause I already look like a Jamaican. Solo and Katz will not face anydamage too. Anyways we will have to paint our teeth black butwaddafack.
kundi thevidiyaaas!! talking behind the back wonlee!! i did not get any notifications in gtalk!! hence the slow reply!! but definitely faster than dosai the black ass' bike i say!! fackin guy!! the question of me being used as offence or defence shall be hammered to death by that fat ass and that black ass!! i will use fat ass of green beary to hide behind enemy bullets / swords / daggers and all that things they would 'affectionately' throw / betheaq upon us!! in the night, i plan to hide behind dosai so that he can act as camoflauge and protect me from night time dangers!! of course, an overly drunk kaatu panni and other wild specimens cannot find me as i would be in camos anyway!! so apparently i am gonna have a very safe journey!! i am planning to hitch hike with bike uptil kazakhstan border and then start riding, fuel kattu padi aagaathu!! maami will be flying as i wud've thrown her at some crosswinds from chennai that would surely blow till kazakhstan!! as for the desert ride, we are sure to stop by at a belly dancers okie?? l cannot, in my wildest dreams see another 'dance' by ravi!! once was enough!! 'my name is prince' was raped wonlee!!! yuck yuck and kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack thoooooooooooooo!!!! *cleans mouth* kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack thoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! gawd!! *shudders* lets also get naai roast some camel roast and once he falls there, leave him in the desert to die with some hindi speaking saudi!! apparently thats the only language he prefers to speak in nowadays!!

faaack... boob just "came" with all his load at 180 kmph @ full throttle..
condom - the waking up session must have been quite loud i guess..full paragraph writing and all...
oh yeah, we can always visit borat at kazakistan and ask him to rape ravi... !!! he tried it with Pam in the US, we can define ravi as Bam Bam !!
Bam Bam in afganistan... has got a ring to it... guys.. make sure you take enough grease.. if not for the bikes.. atleast ravi could use it (or rather borat would use it, and ravi would be grateful to us for bring it)
after a long days work..3 veshams each at cozee, 2 buckets of kfc and some bergers...a small old monk session and just reached home to find 65 unread messages in the thread.... shabba....lighta kanna kattudhu... will do my honors tomorrow..
ride 2 saudi------lavda ravi ur koodhi.....faackar first get urself a decent bike 2 ride for mr.arunkrishnamoorthy(i guess all the 26 alphapets are in tat name ) u get rid of tat modified ct100and aditya get urself a bullet man :)rest caaaammmaaan the saudi rideps-heard russians r on the loose fer guys like us...:)
I did not want anyone to feel bad, so I put in a HA! instead of a Hi! I have been looking at this thread ever since it started and have been in mortal fear of opening and reading what's gooing on. Teh little peek I had into what Ajith and Bob are getting into was enough to scare me away. I will read all this when a I am fitter and at a more senior position at work. Till then, Rock on!

Thus went the thread. It ran for 184 emails till we all decided to drop it. We still have not ridden back from Morocco or Egypt or wherever we are at right now.